Margrit Manz

Margrit Manz is a journalist, editor and project manager. She writes for editorial offices and publications in Beijing, Zurich and Berlin on subjects ranging from culture, the economy, and tourism, to cuisine, wine and new books. While residing and working in China and Switzerland for several years she has produced various books in which travel and artistic encounters have been documented with texts and illustrations. With partners from the finance sector, from universities and from the media, she has developed projects that deal with the processes of social change and global challenges.

Since 2013 — Editor in chief at RUIZHONG, Magazine of the Swiss-Chinese Association, Zurich.

Since 2013 — Branch Office at CTOUR, Club for Travel Journalists, Berlin/Brandenburg.

Since 2011 Berlin-based Journalist for Print and Online Media.

2010 Recipient of the “Best in the World Gourmand Award for a Chinese Cuisine Book” awarded for the book Foodscape at the Cookbook Fair, Paris.

2008-2010 Director of the large-scale project “Foodscape: The History and Culture of Eating in China and Switzerland” under the aegis of the Swiss Cultural Foundation PRO HELVETIA for Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Since 2006 Author and journalist on the editorial staff of “RUIZHONG” Zurich.

1991-2008 Development and management of literary institutions in Berlin and Basel: The first “House of Literature” in Basel (Managing Director and Artistic Director); literaturWERKstatt Berlin (Deputy Director, Programme Coordinator)

Margrit Manz has also been active in various jury and curator teams, among them the Advisory Board for Theatre and Interdisciplinary Projects of the State Administration for Culture, Berlin, as well as the Cultural Foundation (“Kulturfond”), which awards funding for projects and stipends for residencies in the field of literature and theatre.

Margrit Manz is a member of the German Association of Journalists (DJV), of the International Club at the Federal Foreign Office (ICAA), and of Urban Culture International (Stadtkultur International, ski).