4th German-Chinese symposium on architecture and urban development: Workshop Tangshan I

Symposium, Workshop and Excursion
Date: Juni 2001
Location: Tangshan, Provinz Hebei, V.R. China

A German-Chinese team compiles a common concept for the new Xiangdeli district Xiangdeli in Tangshan

German participants
Roland Burdack, Engineer, Berlin
Jutta Kalepky, Architect, Berlin
Prof. Gabriele Kiefer, Landscape architect, Berlin
Eduard Kögel, Stadtplaner, Member of the board stadtkultur international ev, Berlin
Petrus Leistenschneider, Engineer, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Iris Reuther, Architect and Town planner, Leipzig
Klaus Schäfer, Architect, Berlin
Peter Salomon, Architect, Berlin
Juliane Schonauer, Stadtplanerin, Berlin
Michael Wilberg, Architect, Berlin

Chinese participants
Dou Yide, former Secretary General of ASC
Prof. Zhou Chang, Architekt, Secretary General des ASC
Prof. Hu Shaoxue, Professor, Tsinghua Universität
Liu Li, Architekt, Institut for Architectural Design and Research, Beijing
Prof. Zhang Wenqi, Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design
Prof. Dr. Wang Lu, Architect and Editor-in-chief „World Architecture“
Wu Gang, WSP
Prof. Jing Qimin, Professor, Tianjin
Zhang Baiping, Director of foreign contacts of the Chamber of Architects China

Jochen Noth, Chinaconsultant, Member of the board stadtkultur international ev, Berlin

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V.
ski – stadtkultur international ev
Architectural Society of China, ASC