War or Peace? Favelas in Rio on the eve of the Football World Championship 2014

Lecture by Lutz Taufer, Berlin
Date: Thursday, 4.7.2013, 20:00
Location: ski stadtkultur international ev, Kastanienallee 29/30, 10435 Berlin, second courtyard, first floor

Brasilien gesamt

In Rio de Janeiro there are over 1,000 favelas, where 22% of the population live. Unlike in São Paulo, where the favelas are located on the periphery, lives here rich and poor in the immediate neighborhood. Until recently, the Favelados experienced the state almost exclusively in the form of a short police operations against the Narcotrafico, which mostly ended with death. Forms of urban development did not exist. Since the end of 2008 the city is preparing to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. To ensure the security, police and military have so far freed 153 favelas from the drug mafia and furnished 30 items of the pacification police (UPP). However, peace is more than the absence of violence. In the accompanying social and economic programs (UPP Social) there are significant shortfalls. Much money was spent on spectacular infrastructure projects that will bring the residents little. In the “pacified” favelas property and rental prices exploded. But with the basics such as sanitation, vocational training and adequate health care has hardly improved. The model can be crucial to the UPP than 6,000 Brazilian favelas?

The speaker Lutz Taufer spent eight years on behalf of the Berlin World Peace Service in poverty reduction projects in favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

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