Urban development and life in the neighbourhoods by the example of Shanghai and Chongqing

Lecture by Dr. Renate Krieg, Berlin
Date: Friday, 15.11.2013, 20:00 Uhr
Location: ski stadtkultur international ev, Kastanienallee 29/30, 10435 Berlin, second courtyard, first floor

131115_Nachbarschaften gesamtThe economic reforms in China over the last 30 years had far-reaching impact on the lives of the population. This development was accompanied by the conversion of the cities, the end of the planned economy housing allocation and the promotion of private residential property. The urban population was now responsible for the provision of housing, but could now decide on home and living environment. This new situation changed the settings to and expectations of living of the population as well as the composition of the population in old and new neighborhoods. This urban planning changes play a role, as the financial resources of families.

Using the example of two neighborhoods in Shanghai and Chongqing will be shown as residents deal with the changes as they live in their neighborhoods and make them their own and what possibilities there are for this.

The lecture is based on the results of field studies (3 and 2 months), 2012 for the EU project have been carried out “URBACHINA Sustainable Urbanization in China.”

Dr. Renate Krieg, sinologist, study and promotion Freie Universität Berlin, since 1990 research assistant of several research projects, including Institut für Asienkunde Hamburg (Social Security in China), University of Bremen (various aspects of cooperation in German companies in China, focusing intercultural perspective of human resource management), currently the EU project “URBACHINA – Sustainable Urbanisation in China” (emphasis “Urban communities “). More research priorities are social changes in Chinese society . Dual instruction protection officer at the University of Bremen and East Asia Center of the TU Dresden.

After the lecture, as always time for questions and discussion.

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