Rudolf Hamburger „Ten years of camp. As a German communist in the Soviet gulag“

Book presentation and discussion with Thomas Flierl, Maik Hamburger and ski – member Dr. Eduard Koegel
Date: Thursday, 30.01.2014, 20.00
Location: Brecht Haus, Chausseestraße 125 , 10115 Berlin

Buch Hamburger

The German architect Rudolf Hamburger was in China during the 30s to the Communists. Later he spies the Soviets, when he blows up him in Tehran, lock ten years into the camp. Only in 1955 he can leave in the GDR and work there again as an architect. Hamburger was a friend of many intellectuals, including Brigitte Reimann, who immortalized him as “Landauer” in her book “Franziska Linkerhand”. His prison camp in the Gulag remained secret. Only towards the end of his life he wrote down the report, which is now in book form.

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Dr. Eduard Koegel dealt as part of his dissertation, ” Two Poelzigschüler in exile : Rudolf Hamburger and Richard Paulick between Shanghai and East Berlin (1930-1955) ” with the life and work of both architects Rudolf Hamburger (1903-1980) and Richard Paulick (1903-1979) during their emigration 1930-1955 .